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UPDATED: 04/19/2020

Are you a bodybuilder and finding it hard to find quick, easy and delicious recipes? Look no further you have entered the right website!

Being a bodybuilder takes a lot of discipline and eating correctly is one of them.

Just because you lift weights and pump iron all day does not make you a bodybuilder. You have to have the correct and proper diet and being limited to foods can at times be hard to create tasty foods.

That is why we at “Bodybuilding Cookbook” have created a series of books to help you get in that proper diet.

In the first volume of the bodybuilding cook book you will find 101 easy to prepare and very very delicious bodybuilding recipes.

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Let’s face it…boiled chicken, broccoli and plain salmon can be pretty boring meals. Do you find yourself always looking for an excuse to get a cheat day? It’s probably because you are eating boring and bland tasting foods to keep up with training program.

But you don’t need to worry any longer. We have compiled some of the most best tasting bodybuilding recipes in our vol. 1 cookbook.

Who needs a cheat day when you have 101 great bodybuilding recipes in your arsenal.

Bodybuilding and Fitness is your #1 goal so don’t let your bland meals be your #1 enemy.

Who ever says you healthy foods can never be tasty has never came across the bodybuilding cookbook.

in the “bodybuilding cookbook” you will get 101 very tasty meals and the amount of protein and calories for each serving.

You will also get cooking and prep instructions to create these meals. These meals are very easy to make and packed with flavor.

You will find yourself in the kitchen preparing delicious muscle building, fat burning meals in no time.

Stop wasting your time by skipping meals or having more cheat days and instead get the bodybuilding cookbook now so that you can start making your very own mouth watering meals in no time.

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We are fully dedicated to bring you nothing but the best when it comes to eating right while bodybuilding.

Also be sure to check out our reviews on supplements, bodybuilding recipes, fitness training and everything to do with bodybuilding.

We are home of the original bodybuilding cookbook and will be releasing version 2.0 very soon.

In the mean time, be sure to browse our site, share and bookmark for any future updates.

We also want to introduce you to the vegan bodybuilding cookbook for all you vegan fans out there.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and so is being vegan and with the new vegan bodybuilding cookbook you can be sure to get the correct amount of nutrients your body needs while maintaining your bodybuilding lifestyle.

For more information on the vegan bodybuilding cookbook click here.