1300 calorie meal plan

1300 Calorie Meal Plan


Of course you heard about the 1,300 Calorie Meal Plan. If so that is probably why you are here. If it’s pounds you want to lose then this 1,300 Calorie Meal Plan is exactly what you need. So get ready and prepare and best of all consistency.


On your next visit to the grocery store be sure to pick up ONLY healthy low-calorie foods. Some of the main foods to pick up are fresh fruits and vegetables. Also pick up some yogurt and lean meats. Don’t forget your eggs and peanut butter.

Your goal is to get four whole meals each around 300 calories each with your 100 calorie snack for the day.

Be sure that these meal are packed with protein and always remember to drink lots of water daily.

Creating your 1,300 Calorie Meal Plan

When shooting for this plan always be sure to choose meals that are tasty and ones that you personally won’t get bored of. Try our bodybuilding cookbook┬ácheaper than a meal at mcdonalds! You get to keep this book forever! It is also jam packed with 101 recipes for bodybuilding and losing fat!

Back to the 1,300 Calorie meal plan, It is very important not to skip any meals. Starving yourself is never healthy.

An example breakfast meal would be 2 egg whites with low-fat cheese. Consume this meal with coffee or tea, or even better…water. You may also have a slice of toast.

As for your snack, try to consume an apple or banana. Think Fresh fruits.

For your second snack think vegetables. Carrots or a salad with no dressing.

Before bed, try eating a yogurt or a casein protein shake. Be sure that it does not exceed 100 calories.

Supplement your plan

Always remember to drink water throughout the day. It is ideal to try and consume 8 glasses of water per day. If you are feeling hungry drink more water.

While on this 1,300 calorie meal plan be sure to avoid excess workouts that can drain your energy. A walk or a 30 min jog will be all thats needed with this diet plan.