A vegan bodybuilding experiment: Joshua Knox at TEDxFremont

Translator Afaf Alhaddad Auditor, Muhammad Samir (, Cheers) (Applause). As he said, my name is “ Josh .”. I grew up in a family based on meat and potatoes. My grandmother was a gourmet chef Delicious day care. As I get delivered daily. I eat great food. If you look at my family background, It really isn’t a surprise On my mom’s side. They grew up in “Argentina”. This is where you have a lot of milk growers. My family is including them Add to that. My father’s side of the family Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas,

Me too, This is where you still have it Cowboys through the middle of town. Add the two and what will you get No surprise? Almost every meal I ate was a huge mound of meat. At one point in my life I was actually bragging That I ate “steak” every day for 40 days, And I thought that was an achievement. All that changed on a very fateful journey. I like to go to lake Tahoe, One of the best things I like to do. This is a journey that usually takes 4 or 5 hours. We got stuck in a really bad storm And for about 10 hours, While it should have been a 4-5 hour flight, We all got crazy in the car And we had a lot of crazy chats In an instant. We were performing animal noises. Let us entertain ourselves, We turned off the car, Everyone was asleep in their car. We got to the topic of nutrition, So one of my best friends in the rear of the crowd, Brian Robin. He was already a man planning everything He started talking about veganism And you have a car full of extremely skeptical people, Including me. We had four more people in the car. Besides Brian

We hit him with questions, It’s impossible. They say to be possible, It’s impossible to be healthy. From my point of view, you see All I really knew. I learned a lot about cooking from my grandmother And I really enjoyed cooking. I enjoy cooking for my friends, But meat was the basis of everything I cooked, So I can get a side dish, But it’s a side. Dish second thought So, as you can see after this long conversation with “Brian”, I think he did a good job inspiring. The rest of the group, So we were in the car, We all decided to abstain from meat. Whatever it was for 7 days, We were all a group supporting each other. We challenge each other to try 7 days without meat. I think if you asked someone who knows me well, They would say: “Josh,”. It lasts for 7 days Without meat “, Not only without meat but also without any animal product whatsoever. To tell you it’s absolutely impossible.

After 7 days, The eighth day, The first thing I did A – I ate a huge pile of pork, Then B, I thought kinda serious. In fact, it was easy for me to go for 7 days without meat Without animal products whatsoever, And I looked at my family’s history. I have two grandparents who underwent quadruple bypass surgery. Not surprisingly, no result. I was talking about my family history. I have a grandmother who passed away from diabetes. I have multiple cancer patients in my family. All these things combined, You said. Maybe I could try 30 days Soon, 30 days turned into over a year and a half Depending on the vegan system.

I was not easily convinced of this system. When I look at my condition I spent 10 or 12 years actually building my body. I really enjoyed the exercise. I really enjoyed building the body And I had a real obsession that I would be destroyed. I will become thin and sick And all that effort I made will be completely gone More than two and a half years later, Continuing not only as a diet but as a vegetarian in general, No problem at all I found I just couldn’t keep going Increase. My strength and performance I’ve even seen tremendous growth in my stamina, The other thing that kept me occupied, One of my favorite things is food. It is one of my favorite ways to socialize

That’s why I was worried that you know It will be very difficult to do this. It will be a war resisting things day in and day out. For me, it had less to do with what I would give up And much more than I will learn. Instead of feeling like I’m missing out on food, I already felt That I have opened my mind to many things That I wouldn’t have put on my plate before I wasn’t focused on that pile of meat. The result, Sadly, I haven’t gotten much younger or taller As a result of this experience, The cholesterol level decreased dramatically, And maybe, at this rate Some will not say it is too dangerous, But it is very high cholesterol. The cholesterol drop happened very quickly, As well as losing weight.

I didn’t think I had 35 pounds to lose, But I lost 35 pounds. It lowered my cholesterol dramatically. I noticed a massive development in My performance, my ability to work In my work and my job, Some mental development, In addition to physical development – And I think it all started with my friend Brian And much of the literature I have read And my family history inspires Me To do what you know 30 days To effect this change And with hope, my inspiration, These things that inspired me To inspire you too, To believe that this is possible for you too, thank you, (, clap, ),

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