Best supplement stack to get ripped

Best supplement stack to get ripped

best supplement stack to get ripped

Taking supplements is a great way to build a better body and see more results in the gym, but the key is to take the right supplements.

First of all, you need to start with the basics.

That means giving your body the nutrients it needs to do what it does best which is correct, rebuild and repair.


multivitamin for men wholefoods

You are gonna do that by taking a great multivitamin because even if you have the most balanced diet, you can’t get all the nutrients that are found in a multivitamin.

Now the real question is what makes a good multivitamin?

You need to look for a multivitamin that is derived from whole foods.

That way it can be absorbed by the body.

The next supplement that is essential for good health, in general, is Vitamin C.

It may not be one of the „cool” supplements but it really is an important part of your vitamin collection because of the amazing benefits it provides, such as helping your immune system, your skin and a lot more.



You probably know the feeling during a workout when you have a great pump and your veins are popping out. Well, there is a supplement for vascularity as well and it’s called

That’s all I can pretty much say about L-Arginine.

It basically makes you look more vascular and helps to keep your body at a low-fat percentage.

The next two supplements are unbelievable when combined together.

Quadracarn And CLA


They are Quadracarn and CLA. When you are working out, you want to be muscular but you also want to be lean.

That’s when these two supplements come into play.

The CLA breaks down body fat and then the Quadracarn takes that body fat and turns it into energy.

naturewise cla

It really sounds amazing and do you know what’s the best part?

These two products are completely natural and you know that you are not putting anything in your body that could be chemically modified.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard


Now we get to the best part and that is whey protein.

Again you wanna take a high-quality whey protein, but why is protein so important in the first place?

When you are working out you are breaking down muscle and now you need to build that muscle bigger and stronger.

This is when the whey protein comes into play.

It is easily absorbable so you can have a protein shake right after your workout to get those amino acids into the muscles

Pre-Workout Supplements

LUMBERJACKED Pre-Workout Supplement


The pre-workout supplement is often overlooked, but I will try and simplify.

From the name you can probably tell that a pre-workout has to be taken before a workout to give you energy during your workout, boost your performance.

Also, it’s gonna give you a better pump, help with your endurance and even speed up recovery.

Post-Workout Supplements

Growth Surge Post Workout

There also is a post-workout supplement that mainly helps rebuild the muscles, but it should not be confused with the whey protein powder.

They pretty much do the same thing, but the post-workout supplement has additional amino acids that help with muscle growth and recovery.

These are pretty much the only essential supplements you will ever need to take if you are natural.

I like to think that the fewer things I put in my body the better.

And that’s the thing.

Information Overload


There is so much information nowadays on the internet that it’s normal to be confused, to feel lost and not knowing what to do.

I tried to explain everything in the simplest way possible and in the way I’ve learned it.

Honestly, in my opinion, supplements are not necessary to build a great body, to get ripped or simply to get a body that you feel confident in.

Reach Your Bodybuilding Goals


Supplements are designed to get to your goal faster.

And that’s why they are called supplements.

They are a supplement to an already healthy lifestyle, not the healthy lifestyle itself.

If you are thinking about supplementing and before you start supplementing you need to look at your diet.

Proper Diet


Does your diet contain the most nutrients and vitamins possible?

If not you have to upgrade your diet to the point where you still enjoy the food that you eat and get the needed nutrients and vitamins.

If you think your diet is already quite nutrient-dense, you can take supplements to improve on that foundation, but before that I want you to look at your level of experience in the gym.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced bodybuilder?


Are you beginner, intermediate or advanced?

I think intermediates and advanced people most eligible to use supplements.

Beginners still haven’t figured out the diet and weightlifting part so there is no point of taking supplements yet.

Now if you are advanced and you are not taking supplements…

you are doing a great job in terms of your fitness and diet and if you want to take supplements, you are free to do so.

Other advanced individuals are definitely taking supplements and maybe even other even more powerful performance enhancements like steroids.

Steroids can lead to a lot of problems because of the side effects they are associated with.

Avoid Steroids


Taking steroids essentially means taking testosterone.

We know that having testosterone is essential for a man to be healthy.

When we take testosterone that is artificial…(not produced by the human body)

The body actually stops producing natural testosterone (produced by the human body)

Then the whole process of testosterone production is messed up leading to side effects which impact most of the body.

Some of these side effects are shrinking of the testicles, erectile dysfunction, and kidney problems.



As we said earlier, putting fewer things in your body is the best way to build a body that you are proud of and a body you are confident in.

The supplements we talked about are gonna take your performance in the gym (or whatever sport you are playing) to the next level.

With everything in life you have to take baby steps along the way and over time, it will definitely become something special.