Bodybuilder Meal Plan – A Plan That Works

Bodybuilder Meal Plan

A failure to plan, is a plan to fail. One of my favorite quotes, because it’s true. If you are planning to build muscle and lose fat and basically stay healthy for 2013 you need a bodybuilder meal plan. With our bodybuilder meal plan and our bodybuilding cookbook you best believe that your plan won’t fail.

We have a few tips for your fridge. Be sure to always have your kitchen stocked with these foods that I am about to tell you about. It’s great for the bodybuilder meal plan and also we use these ingredients in our bodybuilding cookbook. So with 2013 comes a new plan and meals.


5 steps for our bodybuilder meal plan.

Whether or not you are planning to get bigger, stronger, healthier or just more ripped. You’ll need to follow these basic rules for your diet plan.

1. Six Meals Per Day
It’s important to eat six meals per day and with these six meals be sure that they are SMALL meals. This helps keep your metabolism steady and also keeps your sugar levels under control. Your body will be constantly burning these small portion meals throughout the day while you constantly keep a source of protein feeding your muscles.

2. Stay away from processed foods
The last thing your body needs during this bodybuilder meal plan is crappy processed foods. If it has a label, a brand, a carton, or canned…stay far away from these types of foods. These foods will serve no benefits with this diet plan.

3. Drink lots of water
Drink A Lot of water throughout the day and especially at the Gym. Try as much as possible to stay away from any sweetened liquids.

4. Daily Protein

Try to eat protein throughout the day, try every couple of hours. This will help you with fat burning. The best source for these proteins are lean beef, chicken and fish.

5. Carbs, Good carbs.
Feed your body the fuel it needs with good carbs only. When I say good carbs I mean carbs such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These have lots of fiber and gradually raise your blood sugar. Eat these first thing in the morning or immediately after a workout so that your body can make use of this energy.

Bodybuilder Meal Plan Grocery List

As we mentioned above, try to keep these stocked up in your fridge and kitchen. Keep this list on hand for your next grocery visit.

Fruits/Vegetables/Legumes: Berries, green/fibrous, beans (sparingly), Tropical fruits, green/fibrous, beans

Protein: Protein powders, eggs, white meat, red meat, oily fish or white fish, Greek yogurt

Starches: Brown rice, quinoa, yams, potatoes, oats, whole-wheat pastas, bread, cereals, wraps

Protein: Protein powders, eggs, white meat, red meat, oily fish or white fish, Greek yogurt

Oils/Fats: Tablespoons, not teaspoons. Avocados, nuts/seeds, coconut oil, canola mayonnaise, full-fat cheeses

We hope you enjoy your next meal and be sure to grab our bodybuilding cookbook packed with 101 recipes for bodybuilding. Cheaper than a meal at mcdonalds! Bodybuilding Cookbook