I Replaced My Breakfast with This Ultra Healthy Smoothie

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– Everyday for about the past three months, I have been replacing either my breakfast or my lunch with one of these smoothies. It takes me literally less than five minutes to make this, including cleanup, it’s super nutritious and nutritionally complete and it actually tastes pretty good. And ever since I posted about it […]

*AMAZING* Adjustable Dumbbells Cheap – A Secret To Cheap Kettlebells


Adjustable Dumbbells Cheap A Secret To Cheap Kettlebells     Adjustable dumbbells cheap. Are you looking for cheap kettlebells? how about cheap adjustable kettlebells which uses your own dumbbells? Here is a secret THEY don’t want you to know about. Are you traveling and wondering, how can I keep up with my daily workout routine? […]

HCG Activator


HCG Activator   the hcg activator is a new supplement made by biogenetic laboratories. Custormers who tried it has claimed great results. HCG Also known as Human Chorionic Gondadotropin allows your bodyfat to be burned and used as a food source. HCG is usually taken under supervision of a medical doctor and can be very […]

Bodybuilding Books


Bodybuilding Books Choosing the right bodybuilding books can be difficult. There are so much choices and so much different prices. The quality, the price, should you go hard copy or ebook? lots and lots of choices. When selecting the right bodybuilding books you want to be sure that it does what you are expecting. For […]

Protein Breakfast Foods


protein breakfast foods   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should also be heavy and filled with enough nutrients to get you through your day.It is important to have a regular breakfast schedule because people who do are less likely to become obese.¬†When you think of breakfast you think of waffles, […]

high protein low carb foods


  There’s been a big trend with a low carb high protein diet. This diet consists of avoiding foods such as noodles, bread, potatoes, and rice and loading up on meat and poultry. If you want to try this diet out here are some tips to follow. If you are deciding on trying out this […]

Easy Low Fat Recipes – By Bodybuilding Cookbook


Easy Low Fat Recipes what comes to your mind? boring? bland? Well not anymore. Here at Bodybuilding Cookbook we like to think, delicious! Easy! and Healthy. With thousands of healthy and easy low fat recipes out there and thanks to the internet, finding these recipes isn’t a challenge. Now the challenge is finding the ones […]