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Easy Low Fat Recipes

what comes to your mind? boring? bland? Well not anymore. Here at Bodybuilding Cookbook we like to think, delicious! Easy! and Healthy. With thousands of healthy and easy low fat recipes out there and thanks to the internet, finding these recipes isn’t a challenge. Now the challenge is finding the ones that taste great. Again, not a problem. We have compiled a book of 101 easy low fat recipes that will not only shed fat but also taste great. Give it a try it’s called Bodybuilding Cookbook.

easy low fat recipes

Benefits of an Easy Low Fat Recipe.

There are a ton of great benefits to eating a low fat diet. You will reduce your fat intake as well as your calorie intake. You will also be eating better which will help keep your body strong. It will also lower cholesterol which also lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

A Few Tips:
Replace heavy cream with evaporated skim milk or low fat milk.
Replace crumbled bacon with equal proportions of sun-dried tomatoes
Replace oil needed to saute vegetables with chicken or vegetable broth
Replace 1/3 cup of butter or oil with unsweetened apple sauce
Replace sour cream or mayo with plain low fat yogurt.

Here is a sample Easy Low Fat Recipes.

Stir-Fry Teriyaki Salmon

2 small fresh salmon fillets
chopped green and round onions to taste
2 cups of white rice
1 cup of low fat teriyaki sauce.
Pepper to Season

In pan saute chopped green and round onions. Cut Salmon into bite sized cubes, and sprinkle with pepper to flavor. Add salmon cubes into pan with green and round onions, and cook until salmon is no longer pink in the middle. In a pot, prepare 2 cups of white rice. Combine cooked rice, salmon and onions mixture, and teriyaki sauce and mix until evenly coated with teriyaki sauce.

You can also add salt but we prefer not to. Try also replacing salt with minced garlic when saute the green and round onions. We have many more recipes like this and even better that are healthy and easy low fat recipes. Give it a try in our cookbook. click here to get bodybuilding cookbook

So remember, next time you feel the urge to eat at mcdonalds or any fat food restaurant sorry…fast food restaurant think about how much you will spend on that unhealthy meal. Then think about the great easy low fat recipes that you could get from our cookbook for less than that. Not only will it be healthy but it will also taste better than that greesy unhealthy burger.