Flu-Like Symptoms After Working Out

Flu-Like Symptoms After Working Out

Flu Like Symptoms After Working Out

Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms after working out? But wait…isnt exercise supposed to make you feel better and healthier? Of course, it is…so why are you experiencing this flu-like symptom after working out.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. There are so many different factors that come into play if you are experiencing this flu-like symptom after a workout.

First things first, it is important to understand specific processes that your body goes through when working out.

Common Cold Symptoms After Exercise

While you’re working out your body is undergoing stress. Especially during a tough workout such as heavy lifting, repetitive lifting or long run.

You might feel the need to vomit during workouts or feel nauseated, you could also feel dizzy or faint.

You may also notice that your skin might feel clammy.

Although you may experience these symptoms you won’t have a fever…so what’s up with that?

This is a sure sign that you have been working out way too hard without the correct nutrition, hydration or using the proper workout techniques.


Human Growth Hormone Secreted Naturally

Human Growth Hormone Secreted Naturally

“We’re learning that your muscle serves as another endocrine organ that plays a key role in metabolism.”

One of the reasons why you may be feeling sick after an intense workout could be because of human growth hormone also known as HGH.

While exercising/working out your body will naturally produce HGH.

HGH helps your muscle tissue to grow and helps your collagen turnover.

You might be thinking…isn’t HGH good? Yes, it is and it is very beneficial for your body. However, controlling the release of HGH in your body during exercise isn’t something you can manually do.

With that, your mind you will need to learn how to manage these symptoms properly.

Exercise-Induced Nausea And Dizziness

Exercise-Induced Nausea And Dizziness

HGH isn’t the only reason for the reason for feeling sick during your workouts.

Other factors to consider besides hormone development is poor nutrition, high blood pressure or even dehydration.

With extreme exercise, your body will send more blood to your muscles, especially the muscles being overworked.

Basically…with your body sending more blood in the direction of your muscles your digestive system may lack it.

With your digestive system lacking the proper blood flow it will cause your stomach to not properly digest food which in turn will cause nausea.

A quick tip: Try changing your meal times to see how your body responds.

Treatment and Prevention Of Flu-Like Symptoms During Workouts

Treatment and Prevention Of Flu-Like Symptoms During Workouts

If you’re doing HIIT Training (high-intensity interval training) try replacing it with more moderate workouts to help monitor your cold symptoms.

Nausea is also a sign of dehydration so be sure to drink lots of water.

We suggest drinking about 10 to 12 ounces of water every 15 to 30 minutes of exercise.

You may also want to drink sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade to replenish lost electrolytes.

Another thing to try is eating a high carbohydrate-rich snack before you start your exercise routine.

This will help you with your energy so that you won’t feel sick and tired during a workout.

Eating Properly While Working Out

Eating Properly While Working Out

You’ll also want to make sure that you are eating correctly. Whether you are bodybuilding and trying to gain mass or you are cutting down.

Be sure to eat properly and understand what your goals are.

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Not only are these meals tasty but they will help you achieve your goals while bodybuilding.


Also if you’re a vegan don’t worry we got you covered. You can still build muscle while living the vegan lifestyle.

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Getting A Cold After Working Out

Getting A Cold After Working Out

If you experience cold symptoms even after practicing the tips above you could also be lacking sleep.

It’s no secret that getting the right amount of sleep helps to repair your body.

Normally they say 6-8 hours of sleep is ideal.

On top of getting enough sleep, if you are still having problems with feeling sick after a work out you may have deficiencies in your micronutrients.

Taking a multivitamin supplement can help decrease the negative side effects while working out intensely.

In other words, take care of your body!

Besides, that’s the whole point of the exercise is to strengthen your body and live healthier.

Don’t Rush Your Workouts

dont rush workouts

It is extremely important not to overwork or rushes your workout routines. Especially if you haven’t hit the gym in a while.

Take it slow at first to help your body adapt to your new workout routine.

Simply put, don’t dive straight in like it’s a race. Bodybuilding is a marathon and takes time to achieve goals.

Don’t look at bodybuilding as an overnight thing.

Overworking your muscles is dangerous in the long run.

Always Getting Sick During Workouts


If you’re still getting sick after all these tips described above.

Staying hydrated, taking in multivitamins, eating properly, toning down your workout and even getting enough sleep then it might be time to see a doctor.

Don’t take this lightly.

If it continues it could be a more serious issue.

Explain to your doctor your symptoms. they will more than likely tell you that you are overworking yourself but they can also take a closer look.

Explain that you are eating properly, getting enough sleep, taking multivitamins, toning down your workout but are still getting sick after workouts.



We hope you enjoyed our post on flu-like symptoms after a workout and hope you take our advice with a grain of salt. Always remember to stay hydrated and eat a proper diet. If symptoms persist even after taking the above advice seek medical attention. If you enjoyed this post you may also want to read our post on how much omega 3 per day bodybuilding or how many eggs can I eat per day bodybuilding with that being said. Stay safe and enjoy your journey to a healthier bodybuilding lifestyle.