How Many Eggs Can I Eat A Day Bodybuilding

How Many Eggs Can I Eat A Day Bodybuilding

how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding

How many Eggs Can I Eat A Day Bodybuilding…that is the question!

Bodybuilding is such an important aspect.

It’s something that has been there for years and is still happening up to date.

Different food varieties are used in bodybuilding but here we are specifically focusing on eggs and we want to know “how many eggs can I eat a day for bodybuilding?”.

Eggs play a crucial role in bodybuilding and are a perfect recipe for bodybuilding and if you’re into bodybuilding then eggs should be your first companion.

We are going to see what eggs can do to you as a bodybuilder, the quantity that you should consume daily, weekly and also some of the benefits that come with eggs consumption.

But before that, we have to look at the importance or the specific roles that eggs play in your body specifically as a bodybuilder.

Eggs are an important ingredient in bodybuilding process.

They are rich in protein content of about 6 grams and are used as a standard or reference for other protein foods such as the legumes and others.

They are also a rich source of some important vitamins such as vitamin A, E and also Vitamin K.

Eggs also contain the essential amino acids necessary for the improvement of the bodybuilding and metabolic processes. Also, eggs are easily digested and are that’s why they are a great start for bodybuilders.

So how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding?

4 to 6 eggs

First for the bodybuilding process to start successfully, a hormone called leucine is important.

This hormone is the one that triggers or kick starts the bodybuilding process.

Your body requires 2.5 grams of leucine for it to start the bodybuilding process.

This can be achieved by eating 4-6 eggs a day in order to achieve the leucine in the body for the process to start immediately.

This means that you need to eat a minimum of 6 eggs a day in order to achieve the bodybuilding process right away hence building your muscle.

How many eggs can I eat in a week for a bodybuilder?

bodybuilding and eggs

Here, it will depend on the goal that you as a bodybuilder want to achieve while taking eggs.

If you want a real body that is well built and heavy then you need to consume many eggs but if you just need a body built for your own health then you don’t need too many eggs.

Now for heavy bodybuilders, in a day you need about 12-15 eggs whites which average to about 4-6 eggs a day.

In a week you will need about 30 eggs in order to build your body heavily.

Again, we want to look at why bodybuilders should not eat the egg yolk and which part should they consume first but before that we have to understand the parts of an egg that a bodybuilder needs to consume.

Now an egg has two main parts that are being consumed.

We have the white part which contains very small nutritional values but it has a very rich protein content.

The other part which is the Yolk part it has a lot of nutrients. Here is where most of the nutrients in an egg are contained.

why do bodybuilders not eat egg yolks?

Here is why bodybuilders eat egg white only

egg whites bodybuilding

The egg yolk contains the nutrients only necessary for other metabolic processes in the body but they play a minimal role in the bodybuilding process.

If a bodybuilder eats the egg yolk consistently you will not trigger the muscle building process.

This automatically disqualifies the egg yolk in the bodybuilding process.

Bodybuilders need the egg white that has a high protein content.

The egg white should be consumed in high levels by bodybuilders as it is the ultimate part that will trigger your muscle building process.

So, how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding? about 4-6 eggs a day to obtain 12-15 eggs whites.

Why do athletes eat only the egg yolk?

egg yolks

This is important to know. The egg yolk is important in that it is high in terms of nutrient content.

It has Vitamins A, K and also vitamin E.

These nutrients will provide energy for the athletes and build stamina or gas for them to endure the lactic acid accumulation while running out in the tracks.

If an athlete consumes the egg white it will have side effects in that he or she will not be able to run well because he or she will have build heavy muscles.

And as we all know, an athlete needs light muscle for flight.

How many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding?

Different Methods To Prepare Your Eggs

egg yolk extractor

this is important to note, 4-6 eggs a day.

Now we have to look at the different methods to use while preparing the eggs.

Traditionally, eggs are eaten raw and we’ve seen such great actors like Sylvester Stallone eating them raw.

But to reduce the levels of sickness that comes with eating eggs raw, we have to cook them.

The most commonly used methods include boiling, frying, microwaving and also steaming.

Personally, I’m a bodybuilder and I always boil my eggs so that I can reduce the risk of salmonella.

I also fry the eggs and this is easier for you.

So how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding?

4-6 a day to get the perfect goal of 12-15 egg whites.

This has definitely answered out the question of how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding?

how many boiled eggs after a workout?

boiled eggs

Now after working out, you are probably exhausted and you need a lot of energy to regain your strength.

This now will require you to take 2-3 eggs after you have worked out.

Eat them well after using the methods I’ve listed above and you will see different results.



Hungry Yet? I know I am. For the amazing egg, recipes are sure to check out the official bodybuilding cookbook. Another great book for delicious bodybuilding recipes is the anabolic cookbook.

eggs play an into an important role in the bodybuilding process.

you need an average of 6 eggs a day in your bodybuilding process and about 30 eggs a week and In a month about 130 eggs.

This is important as it will grow your muscle and build your body stature very well.

The egg is definitely an important food In Bodybuilding.

This is as a result of its high protein content and it will really help you a great deal.So how many eggs can I eat a day bodybuilding, about 6 eggs a day and you will get positive results.


how many whole eggs a day bodybuilding