Lose Weight Gain Muscle

Lose Weight Gain Muscle

Are you looking for results with dieting and currently not seeing any good results? You seem to be losing weight but not body fat. If that is true you may want to try a diet and exercise program which is specifically made to lose weight and gain muscle. A lot of people try to lose weight first and then work on building muscle. But with the proper dieting and training you can correctly transform your body within just a few months.

Let’s first start off with your diet plan to lose weight and gain muscle if you need 2,500 calories a day to maintain your current weight. Be sure to eat at leaste 500 calories a day. Your meals should be low in fat and also high in lean protein and high complex carbohydrates.

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To burn fat and gain muscle you are going to have to burn off around 500 calories each day through a good body building or exercising workout plan.

You will soon start to see that your weight will stay the same but you will be leaning down and building muscle. What is happening is, you will be losing the fat pounds, Let’s say 1 to 2 pounds but regaining those pounds into 1 to 2 pounds in muscle. To get a better understanding you should measure your body fat percentage every week before weighing yourself. Doing this will give you the motivation to continue as well as calculate exactly what you are losing and gaining each week. The best and easiet way to do this would be to use a scale that also calculates your body fat percentage.

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Lots of bodybuilders when trying to shed that fat only concentrate on losing the weight, the downfall to this is, they are also losing valuable muscle mass while doing so. This is a big no no when it comes down to losing weight and gaining muscle. The more muscle you carry means the more calories you will burn throughout your daily workouts. Which simply means it will be easier to keep off that weight that you lose when you are dieting. So basically, when it comes down to losing weight and gaining muscle this can be achieved by eating lots of protein and training heavy weights.

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