Protein Breakfast Foods

protein breakfast foods


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should also be heavy and filled with enough nutrients to get you through your day.It is important to have a regular breakfast schedule because people who do are less likely to become obese. When you think of breakfast you think of waffles, doughnuts or muffins? how about a nice fat buttery meal? Well, yes that is what you think of but that shouldn’t be what you consume. We are after high protein breakfast foods

You must eat food that will enhance your energy and will keep you fresh and active for the rest of the day!

Eggs are a great choice because they are high in protein and are also rich in amino acids. Eggs are also loaded with protein. You can make a healthy omelet with egg whites and skim milk and if you add mushrooms, tomatoes and round onions you will surely enjoy a high protein breakfast foods.

Meat is also known to be a good source of high protein but it also includes a lot of saturated fat which isn’t what we are looking for. If you want to maximize the benefit of the protein then remove the skin from any poultry and also trim any excess fat from meats. Another alternative would be canadian bacon and or lean turkey sausages instead of your normal fatty bacon or normal oily sausages.

Of course you wouldn’t want to eat just that constantly everyday for breakfast.

Try mixing things up. smoothies are also a great way to break away from the normal routine especially fresh fruit smoothies. Take fresh bananas or berries and add fresh nuts and peanut butter and mix it with skim milk for a good healthy high protein breakfast foods. Fresh fruits have natural sugars that will give you energy throughout the day without the sugar spikes also remember to add a scoop of your favorite protein powder

Cereals isn’t a really good choice for a high protein breakfast foods. I would avoid having cereal for breakfast. They are loaded with sugars. They can serve a benefit though as some are rich in protein and fiber. If you do decide to eat cereal be sure to check out the nutrition labels on the box. Looking for ones that have 13 grams of protein per servings also be sure to use skim milk and most likely these protein cereals will have no flavor and taste bland so go ahead and add some fresh fruits to it.

Oatmeal is one of my favorites as they are a great source of complex carbs and fibers and also forms an ideal base for a protein loaded breakfast. Steel cut oats are a much better choice then the instant oatmeal. Use skim milk or water to cook your oatmeal and don’t forget to add your favorite protein powder for extra protein and also add fresh fruits.

High protein breakfast foods are the way to go!