Protein Supplement Over Protein Foods


Protein Supplement Over Protein Foods

The difference between protein supplement and protein food is not the fact that protein supplement can build more muscle but the convenience and we are about to tell you why?.

A lot of people dreams and aspires of having a perfect muscular body and that it would be really great to transform their bodies into shapes and figures that they wish to be. However,  bodybuilders crave for protein puts them solely to the benefit of protein manufacturers which makes them vulnerable to the markets strategies that are sometimes a form of fraud.



Whey proteins has huge biological value. It is very effective for individuals who follow a low carbs diet. The ratio is between protein intake and energy intake are parallel to each other.  Why protein also allows your body to take in high quality of protein and at the same avoiding fats.  High Proteins is only one of the benefits you can get from whey powder, there are also other benefits such as enhance immune system , increased antioxidant activity and rapid absorption.

Whey protein also contains anti carcinogenic properties, protects the body from infections and other elements that boosts up the immune system. Whey proteins rises the levels of glutathione in our body which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from radial damages. However most of these are researches conducted on mices so it is uncertain if such phenomenon occurs in the human body.

  • Protein Absorption

  • The rapid absorption rate found as one of the benefit from whey powder is a remarkable addition to the reasons of why we should use it. It may seem difficult to tell if whole food is a lot easier to digest than supplements but it definitely digests in faster rates. During training sessions or workouts, protein synthesis and glycogen re-synthesis rises up. Liquid protein carb complex produces better muscular growth than whole protein foods .

Amino Acids

Amino acids in simpler thought is a form of pre-digested protein. It is said that amino acids, considering that they are pre-digested, the body will absorb them better, hence allowing the body for greater improvements and sustainable amount and strength and muscular mass. It may seem true but in reality the digestive system was designed for efficient digestion of whole foods and was not designed to digest pills and capsules.

The body only has better use of amino acids when they are broken down in the intestines and is then absorbed just at the right time your body needs it. It has been in many studies that amino acid supplementation does not promote or show any increase in muscular strength and capacity not even endurance. Therefore it is not actually advantageous.

The Point is:

The bottom-line is that protein supplements don’t necessarily mean that they produce more muscular mass than actual food but the fact that these supplements are actually convenient. You can deny the fact that nutrient shakes, protein shakes for instance are a whole easier to consume than to actually buy food and ingredients, and then cook them. That would take a lot of your time. If you are having a complete balanced diet every 3 meals and consumes adequate amount of healthy protein foods then it is unnecessary for you to consume protein supplements. However that complete balanced diet is difficult to achieve which is why protein supplements takes over.

There a few more advantages of protein supplements compared to whole protein foods aside from convenience. There may not be an actual case-study that proves that you require supplements but iit is also true that you may get all the proteins you may need in real food. It is important for you to eat a balanced diet every meal .