Recovery Protein Powder – Vega Sport Performance Protein, Vanilla, 29.2 Ounce 2014

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Vega Sport Performance Protein, Vanilla, 29.2 Ounce[/easyazon_link]I recently became a vegan. It probably wasnt the best idea to decide to start P90x the same day, but I did. I was using Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound at the time and needed to find a new source of protein powder to use post workouts.

I ran across Vega first, passed it up because it was too expensive. So I tried Soy which tasted pretty good, but I was eating a lot of other soy products and didnt want to go overboard with the soy. Then I tried Rice protein. YUCK!! I couldn’t find any good tasting rice protein powders.

I also had tried some other products such as The Ultimate Life – The Ultimate Meal, 1200 g powder and Garden of Life – RAW Meal, 2.6lb tub, but they both wreaked havoc on my stomach! The Raw Meal even made me feel so sick that I felt like I had the flu. I guess you body takes time to get used to those, but they aren’t made for post workout proteins anyway. They are meal re-placers. I used them because I didn’t have anything else at the time.

Anyway…back to Vega.

Vega is the BEST protein I ever tasted!! Way better than any whey proteins I tasted.

I will mention this though…day 1 it tasted like vanilla ice cream. Day 3, it tasted like vanilla ‘plant’ ice cream. Not a big deal. It still taste amazing. Just thought it was funny how the taste (and color (white to hint of green)) changed after opening it.

I know this stuff is a bit pricey compared to others out there, but I highly recommend for its taste and the fact that it did not hurt my stomach at all. Not saying it wont hurt your stomach (everyone’s body is different), but I have major stomach issues (reason I switched to vegan), and this did not hurt mines at all.

Only other thing I am surprised about is that this stuff is not organic. I’d think as much of a health freak as Brandon Brazier is that all his products would be made certified organic. Hopefully if he does decide to go that route in the future, the prices of Vega wont rise any higher than it currently is. I feel like the price as is, is an organic price. =)

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