Top 10 Protein Food of all Time


Top 10 Protein Food of all Time

Why do you think it’s important to have protein in our body and why do we need a great amount of it?. You probably didn’t know that you needed it more than you think. The body needs protein to build and repair muscles, without it you pretty much can’t hold anything together. It has a vital role it fat-burning metabolism and hunger problems. Protein also works as traffic to slow down the release of carbohydrates in our bloodstreams which prevents sudden increase in blood sugar.

A single and healthy individual should have at least 1g of protein for each pound of body weight to maintain and build healthy muscles. In order for someone to reach to reach this, you will need to consume a butt-load of high protein foods which seem to be so impossible to do especially now that what we see grocery stores are bombarded with processed foods which does not help our healthy lifestyle.

This is why this list is created so you can have a smart variety of grocery items in your cart.

1.   Eggs

Protein Equivalent: 6g per 1 Large Egg

·         Eggs has higher protein value compared to any other item in the supermarket. It contains healthy amino acids which is the building blocks of our body.

2.   Milk

Protein Equivalent: 8g per 1 Cup Serving

·         Still one of the most reliable source of protein. It does seem to have a little compared to that found in eggs but still in liquid state so you can pair this with your sunny side up eggs if you want to

3.   Soy Milk

Protein Equivalent: 8g per 1 Cup Serving

·         Soy Milk is the best alternative for Lactose Intolerant people and for those who suffers cancer. Milk feeds cancer cells so soy milk is the option for them. Soy milk can go well with cereals which you can do before heading out to the gym.

4.   Steak

Protein Equivalent: 23g per 3 oz serving

·         One of the most economical cuts in the market. Delivers roughly 1 g of protein for every 11 calories.

5.   Pork Chops

Protein Equivalent: 26 g per 3 oz serving

·         The favorite choice of everyone and also one of the main excuse of fitness warriors. It’s not bad to pig out on them just don’t eat more the recommended amount.

6.   Chicken Breast

Protein Equivalent: 24 g  per 3 oz serving

·         This is the probably the most consistent item in your grocery cart which means you have been eating this for a while now.

7.   Yellowfin Tuna

Protein Equivalent: 25g per 3 oz serving

·         Delivers high quality protein. Also contains B vitamins and antioxidant selenium.

8.   Tilapia

Protein Equivalent: 21 g per 3 oz serving

·         Can be mostly found in the busy alley of fish markets. It’s a mild tasting fish that will give your body huge amount of protein that can fed your muscles.

9.   Light Tuna

Protein Equivalent: 22g per 3 oz serving

·         Shoppers favorite choice in the supermarket. It’s very affordable.

10. Corned Beef

Protein Equivalent: 24 g per 3 oz serving

·         It’s not the same thing as other canned goods. Beefs up the muscles very well. You can prepare them in sandwiches while mixing it with vegetables.

We have just given you a wide variety of high-protein foods. Although some says otherwise but this foods are guaranteed to contain the necessary protein needed by the body. Now, Remember that the body does not only need protein to keep you healthy, you also need other nutrient. If you are an athlete or a fitness warrior then we suggest to try our suggested body building supplements. This food  are listed so you will know how much you get when you eat them so do not eat excessive amount. You do not wish to gain weight in rapid speed.